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The exclusive Video Analytics service of DataSnap drives exponential value from video surveillance CCTV cameras that makes the video footage more browsable, actionable and analytical. The unique fusion of video with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, data analytics and many more allows our experts to deliver precise and accurate data that can create a more secure and smarter world.

Being the pioneer of video analytics services, we provide various exclusive services that help every industry starting from the private organization to city councils to build a more safe and secure world leveraging the unique benefits of video analytics. Our team of experts can offer customized solutions that you can integrate with your existing CCTV surveillance camera system.

Our Services

Video Analytics

Get the best-in-class Analytics and insights from the CCTV cameras to provide exceptional services with advanced security standards.


1. Face Detection

Find and detect the human faces through deep learning technology-empowered face detection system.

2. Traffic Management

AI-integrated smart road traffic management services to detect rule violations and enhance the probability of human life.

3. Object Identification

Facilitate the work progress and reduce the unnecessary threat through our real-time object identification services.

4. Security Application

Automate the tedious task and minimize the human efforts of manual checking using video analytics services.

5. Real-Time Monitoring

Track and record continuous snapshots of your network's overall performance through your integrated CCTV Cameras.

6. Live Reporting

Record and browse through your video footage in real-time from your integrated system.

7. Archive Management

Capture and keep the past video footage data safe and secure through archive data management service for future reference.

8. Hazard Monitoring

Get the video analytics service to monitor classified areas to prevent disastrous events from occurring.

9. Remote Monitoring

Get live access to your CCTV footage anywhere, anytime enhanced with enhanced functionalities.

10. Data Analytics

Establish strong, responsible practices for your future business through accurate data analytics of video footage.

11. AI-enabled Digital Marketing

Build and enhance your brand value in a unique way through AI-enabled digital marketing services.


Industries We Serve

Get the complete range of network video surveillance access control solutions for a multitude of industries and user requirements. Create a shrewd and safer world through our customized and cutting-edge digital solutions and resolve your security and surveillance requirements.


Our Expertise

We have use the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.

harnil oza
Meet Our CEO

Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza had a passion to turn ideas into reality from an early age. Following his passion, he founded a web and app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem in 2011. Under his leadership and vision, Hyperlink InfoSystem has achieved various milestones and received accolades. His analytical skills and coordination abilities make him optimistic among clients and team members. Keeping the pragmatic approach of learning and evolving with the latest trends and technologies he founded HData Systems in the year 2019. Taking a step forward with a futuristic approach, he founded another venture DataSnap in the year 2022, that can help the world understand and leverage the power of video analytics.

The core vision of DataSnap is to provide precise and actionable data insight in real-time through video analytics services to enhance the security of people, assets and estate around the globe. Under constructive leadership and vision, the organization can rack up various milestones keeping up with a strategic road map to achieve digital success.

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